Interior Plants

Passionate about all things green, Cutting Edge also offers premier interior plant services.

Chuck Smith, owner and operator of Cutting Edge, is a horticulturalist. His passion for plants extends beyond creating beautiful properties for residents and businesses in Guelph to delivering premier interior plant services to South Western Ontario. 

Living walls

Living walls are a beautiful interior landscape and are considered and alternative art form. In partnership with Air Strength Canada and Gsky, Cutting Edge has installed and services a number of living walls in the GTA. If you're looking for an innovative and a creative way to make a statement in your interior, contact us for a consultation.

We have installed some of the largest living walls in Ontario. Our living wall maintenance program is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. We ensure optimal functionality of the irrigation and drainage systems along with frequent inspection for feeding, pruning, dead-heading, weeding, and replacement.

Awarded I-plants 2016 International Design Contents 

Tropical Plants

Adding tropical plants to your​ office has many benefits aside from the beauty and fresh look they add to any indoor environment. There are proven benefits to your employees including stress relief, clean air and noise absorption.

In partnership with Air Strength Canada, we work with you to design solutions that best bit your space. We source and install tropical plants then deliver ongoing maintenance to ensure they are healthy and are looking their best. We offer a variety of plants and planters as well as packages to meet your unique requirements. 


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