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Planting & Maintenance

Customized package to fit your vision

Gardens can take many forms - colourful flowers, structured shrubs, or maybe both! At Cutting Edge, we work with our customers to get the garden of their dreams. Depending on your requirements, we can help you with:

  • Plant selection and planting

  • Garden design

  • Garden and walkway edging

  • Mulching

  • Pruning trees and shrubs

  • Installing annuals

  • Transplanting plants

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Customized package to fit your vision

Pruning is more than just about making your landscape beautiful. It is a crucial part to keeping your plants healthy. Benefits of pruning include:​

  • Keeps trees and shrubs healthy

  • Allows more sunlight to reach the rest of your garden

  • Helps plants grow

  • Keeps tree sturdy

Pruning can be complicated with many trees and shrubs requiring specific practices. At Cutting Edge, we ensure it's done at the right time and with the appropriate technique for your plant.

Pruning usually involves removing dead, diseased, or damaged stems, as well as removing crossing branches, water sprouts and suckers.


When is the best time to install new plants?

Mid-May to October - it is recommending that planting starts no earlier than the May long weekend and can be done late into Autumn.

Do you charge for a design?

Although we can offer planting advice and job estimates for free, when it comes to a landscape design there is an associated fee. 

How often should garden weeding occur?

For the best looking garden, we recommend weekly garden weeding and can put together an effective and affordable option to keep your outdoor oasis looking its best.

Does a garden require more maintenance than grass?

If your garden is weeded properly and has the recommended layer of mulch it shouldn’t require more work than your lawn to keep it maintained and looking beautiful.

Will gardens help with drainage?

If your lawn has an area that is constantly wet and a challenge for grass to thrive in, you might want to consider a garden. Not only is it an attractive option, it's also an effective option. 

What can I do to reduce the weeds in my garden?

Consider installing mulch in your garden. Performing a proper weeding in addition to a thick layer of mulch will reduce the occurrence of future weeds to your garden.  

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