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Weekly lawn maintenance services 

Starting at $39+hst/visit

Whether your a home or business owner, a healthy well-kept lawn makes a significant impact on the curb appeal of your property. Keeping up with maintenance can be difficult especially with the ever changing whether conditions. 

Lawn maintenance is our specialty at Cutting Edge. We've been awarded best lawn care company in Guelph in recognition of our consistent, reliable and expert service. We consider factors like weather and turf-growth speed in our maintenance approach to keep your lawn looking it's best the entire season. 

We cut lawns of all sizes from rental properties to large estates, condo complexes to high rises, and independent to industrial businesses.

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New Era Program

New Era program

Customized program

Single services

Starting at $395+hst, prices vary based on the size and logistics of your turf

Dreaming of a green lawn? With pesticide regulations it's the 'Lawn of an Era'! Cutting Edge developed a program designed to revitalize your lawn using environmentally friendly methods called the 'New Era' program . The program combines process, technique and tested products to help keep your lawn looking the best throughout the seasons.

The New Era program includes:

  • Spring dethatching

  • Spring aeration

  • Spring broadcast overseeding application with high-quality lawn seed blend

  • 3x seasonal applications of Nutrite slow-release fertilizer with stabilized Nitrogen

  • Autumn broadcast overseeding application with high-quality lawn seed blend

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Just as your lawn needs water and sun, it also needs important nutrients from the soil. Grass clippings are a form of fertilizing but for some lawns, this isn't enough. We use quality stabilized nitrogen fertilizer that is both pet and environmentally friendly, as well as +40% more effective than slow release fertilizer.


Why should you fertilize? ​

  • Reduce and control weeds

  • Promote root and shoot growth 

  • Recover from foot/pet traffic

  • Enhance lawn colour


Adding new seed to your lawn can help it withstand insects, drought and foot traffic. It's a great way to repair bald spots, refresh an old lawn or maintain a healthy green lawn. Before seeding, we'll analyze the conditions of your lawn to ensure it's the optimal solution. 


Why should you over seed? ​

  • Repair bald spots

  • Renew older lawns

  • Maintain healthy lawns


Aerating your lawn allows it to breathe. It's important for nutrients to reach the soil beneath your grass. By perforating your lawn with small holes to better enable water and air to reach the soil, the grass root can grow deeply and alleviate soil compaction. 


Why should you aerate? ​

  • Manage excessive thatch

  • Promote root and shoot growth 

  • Prevent drying out


What height should I cut my lawn to?​

It is recommended that grass is cut to a height of 2.5 to 3.5 inches. At Cutting Edge we believe 3.0” to be the ideal height -“long grass is strong grass.”

Should I bag and dispose of my lawn clippings?

Removing clippings from your lawn is not recommended because the clippings actually add to the health of the soil. Lawn clippings are a great source of Nitrogen and break down easily providing nutrients to your lawn.

How often should I cut my grass?

Weekly cutting is recommended. The standard rule of thumb is that no more that ⅓ of the grass blade should be removed during cutting. 

Should I cut my lawn during hot weather?

 We recommend regular cutting even during times of hotter temperatures however, we encourage leaving a longer cut height. Never cut below 3.0 “ during a drought and avoid mowing during extreme heat if possible.

I just bought a new build and my lawn is in poor shape. Why should I consider re-sodding?

New builders typically use low grade soil which commonly results in poor lawn quality. We recommend restarting your lawn using a soil high in organic matter such as Triple Mix. 

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