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Hardscape Projects

Customized package to fit your vision

Hardscape refers to the built environment of the landscape design. The best landscapes, consider how the softscape and hardscape compliment one another. Weather your looking for minor enhancements or a full redesign, we'll work with you to to ensure your vision is delivered. Projects include:

  • walkways

  • pathways

  • driveways

  • smaller retaining walls

  • garden walls

Why choose Cutting Edge for your landscape project?

We source high quality materials.

We use a number of suppliers to ensure the materials you select are at the best price and of the highest quality. 

We'll create a seamless look by doing both your softscape and hardscape design.

Softscape refers to the plant or vegetation aspect of your landscape. It's important to consider when approaching a hardscape project to ensure your softscape is sustainable and optimized with room to mature. 

We'll manage and source the entire project. 

With more than a decade of experience working in Guelph, we have built relationships with a trades to manage the technical aspects of a project including electrical and irrigation solutions. We work hard to ensure projects are delivered on time and in budget. 


What is hardscaping?

Hardscaping refers to the hard surface materials within a build such as pathways, driveways and retaining walls.

What are the benefits to hardscaping?

Hardscaping gives you the ability to use multiple surfaces, levels, colours and styles within the same build. The possibilities are endless and important to consider to complement your softscapes. Unlike ashphalt of concrete, repairs can be made with minimal cost and effectiveness and sustain a much longer lifespan.

Are there natural hardscaping options?

Yes! There are more natural options available such as fieldstone, flagstone natural rockery and of course river rocks!

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