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SOD Installation

Complete or partial lawn replacement

Pricing varies based on the square footage, turf condition, ease of access, etc. 

If you think it might be time for a new lawn, ask us to come out and take a look. There are a number of options to gain the vibrancy of your lawn back including a full or partial replacement. Our sod installation includes:

  • Removal and environmentally friendly disposal of your existing lawn

  • Levelling and preparing the ground

  • Delivering high-quality sod

  • Laying sod to ensure even and clean distribution

  • Edging of flower beds, driveways and sidewalk

  • Watering instructions 

  • Follow-up visit to ensure rooting 

  • Warranty for 60 days


When and how often do you need to water new sod?

Sod should be watered in the earlier part of the morning (7am to 9am) before the warmer temperatures of the day for 15 to 20 minutes and in the early evening between (4pm and 7pm) for best water retention results. New sod needs to be watered until the roots full establish, which is nearly everyday for the first 21 days after installation. Read tips for caring for sod.

When can I start mowing new sod?

It is recommended to wait 2 weeks to mow your new sod to enable it to establish a root base and new growth exceeding 3.5" in height.

When can I walk on new sod? 

In order to properly water your new sod you will need to walk lightly on it. Simply start from the furthest point and try to avoid walking on it after it has been watered to avoid any damage or sinking.

When is the best time of year to sod? When is too late ?

Sod can be installed at any time within the growing season. Spring and fall are ideal times with cooler temperatures and Mother Nature's help with generally higher amounts of precipitation. As long as the ground is workable you can lay sod.

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