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MulcH Installation

Mulch top-up

New gardens

Starting at $135+hst/yard installed

Mulch is laid on top of soil in gardens and around plants or trees. There are many reasons to mulch including:

  • Weed control

  • Keeping your garden warm in the winter

  • Retaining moisture in the summer

At Cutting Edge, we use only the highest quality mulch and offer it in a number of formulas and colours (samples are available). Whether you need to refresh your existing mulch or start by cutting and edging new gardens, we'd love to discuss your vision for your property and how we achieve it. 


Why should I install mulch?

Mulch of any type or colour can be installed to help control water retention and act as a buffer from the heat of the summer or the cold of winter. It also can help with soil and root compaction issues as well.

To what depth should mulch be applied? 

It is recommended that 2 to 3" of coverage should be installed in order to achieve the desired look and intended purpose of the overall installation for weed and moisture control. Mulching too thin will result in inadequate protection for your plants and allow  weed growth.

When should mulch be applied?

Mulching your garden can be done at any time throughout the year however the ideal time to install mulch is mid-spring. By this time, the soil has warmed and plants are  visible.

How long does mulch typically last?

Mulch typically lasts 3 to 5 years under the proper conditions. Mulch can also be topped up and refreshed as often as you like. Most common colors are available year over year which enables you to expand or add new garden beds with matching results.

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