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Is a lawn cutting program right for you?

Every year, Cutting Edge provides weekly lawn maintenance programs to more than 100 properties in Guelph. Who owns these properties? They are homeowners with families, elderly people or single professions; they are landlords with rental properties; they are business owners running out of their home or large manufacturing facilities. Our customers are diverse, but they all have a few things in common:

Guelph lawn cutting service

1) They want to spend their weekends enjoying their property rather than working on it.

[Homeowners] If you're like our customers, once the weekend comes around, you want to be outdoors. The challenge is, without a lawn maintenance program, that means you have to care for your property before you can enjoy it. At Cutting Edge, we are always planning according to weather conditions and strive to cut residential properties later in the week to ensure they are at their best for the weekend enjoyment of our customers. Whether it's watching kids run around, having friends over or enjoying a good book - nothing beats a fresh cut lawn!

Guelph commercial lawn cutting service

2) They believe curb appeal is a reflection of their brand.

[Business Owners] Your property is the first impression of your business. This extends beyond them driving or walking up to your business. With Google search and maps, it's also what customers now first on the web. Our commercial customers believe that having a professional and well maintained property supports a positive sentiment not only with customers but also with employees. At Cutting Edge, pending weather conditions, we strive to deliver services to commercial properties early in the week to ensure they are looking their best all week long.

3) They've experienced a greener, healthier lawn from the expertise of a professional.

Hiring a professional ensures your lawn is properly cared for. We are constantly managing turf growth and are experts in understanding soil conditions and environment factors (for example, sun exposure, moisture levels, etc.) to ensure our customer lawns are looking their best. Our customers see value in this and it's why nearly 95% of them are repeat customers year-over-year. Read more about our approach to lawn care.

4) They appreciate a customer focused approach.

With more than a decade of experience and annual awards for best lawn care in Guelph, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our customers enjoy working with a company who is reliable and professional. Katie, our friendly Office Manager, is there to answer any questions by phone or email. Chuck, our owner who is a accredited horticulturalist, and Bruce, our experience Operations Manager, are ready to come by for a consultation on any of your outdoor needs. Many of our customers also appreciate that our services extend beyond lawn care and rely on our four season programs as well as landscape and hardscape services.

5) They see a financial benefit and peace-of-mind from not having to own and operate equipment.

All of our customers realize the benefit of not having to own the equipment required to provide professional grade lawn maintenance - lawn mowers, weed wackers, leaf blowers. This equipment often breaks and is a hassle to maintain. For commercial clients, they also see a benefit to not having to hire someone directly to do this work. This equipment can be dangerous to operate when not used properly. At Cutting Edge, we make safety a priority and are also insured. Learn more about the Cutting Edge difference.

Do you fit this profile? If so, weekly lawn cutting might be right for you. Contact us for a quote!


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